4g bonding software

BODi rS provides multiple wired and wireless connections for bandwidth-on-demand and broadband-like speeds for Internet access during hospitality events. Bond multiple mobile Internet connections for broadband-like speeds while on the go. Offering passengers un-congested WiFi for web surfing, email, and video streaming.

Bond or balance 7 different Internet connections for wired and wireless access—whether you're out at sea or docked in port. Don't know your password? Request a new password Toggle navigation. Your Username. Your password. Log in. Request new password Create new account Please fill out and submit the form below to create a new support ticket.

Unique bonding, load balancing and failover technology ensures bandwidth robustness and network survivability. This increases connection stability, reliability and makes maximum use of all available bandwidth. Users also have the ability to scale bandwidth on-the-go, adding or removing connections, giving priority to lower cost links when demand allows, thus minimizing costs while still providing excellent reliability that scales as needed.

BODi rS also guarantees uptime making it the ideal solution for mobile connectivity with network failover and bandwidth robustness. Combine up to four USB modems, three Ethernet modems and add broadband landline connections for blazing fast Internet connectivity and data transfer anywhere, anytime.

BODi rS is the perfect solution for high availability connectivity and Internet failover.

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This is especially important for applications in e-Healthcare, security alarm companies and critical infrastructure where loss of connectivity can be catastrophic, resulting in huge revenue losses and potential risk to human life. By aggregating multiple wireless links, BODi rS offers users broadband-like Internet speeds for high quality reliable communications.

For extra security and ruggedness, all modems are harnessed internally. This avoids loss and damage to the modems. DC Power for in-vehicle Power. Please register to view this information. It only takes a few seconds. Lucia St. Sales: sales patton. Sales: asiapacific patton. Sales: ce patton. Sales: Direct: Support: support patton. Sales: americas patton. Sales: mena patton. Sales: india patton. Sales: domsales patton. Sales: we patton.

Have Us Contact You or. Login Connect with us. Bandwidth-on-Demand Bonding—Bond multiple mobile Internet connections for broadband-like speeds while on-the-go.VPN bonding is the solution but even with this, there are multiple architectures that can be used. Read below to find out more about Speedify, the most effective VPN bonding solution — whether you are seeking performance or value for money.

When you have access to multiple Internet connections and are looking to get more speed and reliability, you can choose between two main technologies: VPN bonding or load balancing. A load balancer runs locally on your device and divides sockets! While this is a good approach for common Internet activities that work on multiple network sockets web browsing, BitTorrenting, etc.

VPN bonding goes further than load balancing, by spreading packets — instead of whole sockets — between multiple Internet connections. This means that a VPN bonding solution can do all that a load balancer can do — and more!

It provides a faster, more reliable and secure connection for all your Internet activities, from browsing and torrenting to streaming and large file transfers. As mentioned above, VPN bonding technology is not restricted to a single implementation architecture.

You can choose between a mixed hardware-software solution from companies like Peplink and Mushroom Networks or select the software-only implementation by Speedify.

High Speed Broadcast Video Over IP via Multiple Cellular 3G or 4G Services Using Dongles

Many people choose VPN bonding solutions that include dedicated bonding hardware pieces, such as bonding routers or multi-wan networking devices. There are no flexibility or scalability issues. When it comes to cost, Speedify is only a fraction the price of mixed hardware-software solutions! Speedify is powered by a magical technology called channel bonding.

This allows you to use multiple Internet connections simultaneously for their combined speed and reliability. Everything including uploads, downloads, web browsing, gaming and streaming video can be improved by Speedify.

4g bonding software

Learn more. This approach is only beneficial when you have connections that are identical in performance, like two matched DSL lines. Using the round robin channel bonding approach with connections of varying capabilities limits the maximum possible combined performance drastically. Just download Speedify for your device and install it.Cellular connection are prone to fluctuations and variations in performance by their very nature. No matter which carrier it is, connectivity will be unpredictable and unreliable at times, for applications that require uninterrupted Internet connectivity.

However, live webcasting or live video streaming from the field over a single cellular modem is never successful because of the variability of single modem performance. Sustaining high enough rates for applications that require high throughput such as hotspot services in mass transportation vehicles or special events, is not possible with only one cellular modem.

Certain real time applications are mission critical and cannot afford to have disconnections. This problem is increased in vehicular setups, where the moving vehicle will cause connectivity problems and application failures when implemented based on a single 3G, 4G or LTE wireless network. Portabella can stripe a single session over the available paths and therefore create a single fast pipe requires peering service. Portabella supports a bonding tunnel that is optimized for live video transmission Streamer add-on.

Streamer applies a special coding before transmitting partial streams and therefore any network problems such as packet loss, latency or jitter can be shielded from the video application. Portabella can bond cellular Internet access lines for all types of traffic including encrypted traffic such as VPN for aggregated downlink and uplink capacity when peered over the Internet with a Mushroom Relay located at the headquarter office or data center.

Without peering, all HTTP downlink sessions are still bonded for faster file transfers. Even in cases of single HTTP session such as a single file downloadall Internet access lines are simultaneously and intelligently combined together to provide a faster data transfer for that single session. The application and cookie semantics will be preserved for sites such as banking sites.

Portabella support a free add-on tunnel Streamer that is optimized for live video streaming from the field to any CDN or video server over the bonded 3G, 4G, LTE modems. Even during those situations, your live video stream will continue without a glitch. Static IP addresses in the cloud or from your data-center can be mapped onto the Portabella.

Various Portabella models support embedded modems with high temperature and vibration tolerances, including train certifications. Other Portabella models support external usb-based modem ports for additional flexibility. Portabellas are preconfigured before shipment and therefore supports zero-touch installation when received. Any additional configuration or monitoring can be done through the web-based management interface either locally or remotely, as well as through a cloud based Monitoring Portal that provides in depth monitoring capabilities.

All wireless ISPs are supported worldwide. Not only that, we are now able to generate new revenue streams by charging for live events.You seem to have CSS turned off.

Please don't fill out this field. Linux kernel driver for aggregating multiple network links into a single link, using a variety of methods. Stable driver source is part of the linux kernel; source releases here are either pre-release patches, experimental or historical. Linux Channel Bonding Web Site. Do you have a GitHub project?

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Menu Help Create Join Login. Linux Channel Bonding Brought to you by: ctindelvosburgh. Get project updates, sponsored content from our select partners, and more. Full Name. Phone Number. Job Title.

Company Size Company Size: 1 - 25 26 - 99 - - 1, - 4, 5, - 9, 10, - 19, 20, or More. Get notifications on updates for this project. Get the SourceForge newsletter. JavaScript is required for this form. No, thanks. BSD Linux. Project Activity.With continued growth in Internet traffic, not all businesses can access fibre broadband services to improve throughputs, and dedicated leased lines or MPLS connections can be very expensive.

For organisations dependent upon Internet connectivity, ADSL bonding offers much-valued resilience and offers distinct advantages over load balancing. Use our postcode checker on our Broadband Deals page to check the latest services and deals in your area. You may be able to save money and get faster speeds. True bonded ADSL is where multiple ADSL lines are effectively combined into a single aggregated connection to deliver greater download and upload speeds.

While the concept of ADSL bonding is deceptively simple i. Consider a video stream e. The process of splitting datastreams is performed at a special datacentre operated by the bonding provider. These separate streams are then combined at the datacentre. With the Sharedband bonding serviceprocessing is usually performed by a conventional modem router which is running customised software developed by Sharedband. Overall, throughputs are close to the aggregated throughputs of individual connections.

An increased number of connections would be able to provide even greater throughputs. However, the vast majority of users of ADSL bonding bond together two, three or four broadband connections. This is because additional packets of information have to be transmitted alongside the data carried to provide the bonding system with the information necessary to manage the individual streams and recombine them effectively. For example, a single ADSL connection capable of delivering 2 Mbps downlink throughput would not be able to stream a 3.

Some ADSL bonding providers such as Evolving Networks in the UK and Fusion Broadband in Australia offer the ability to use a special feature called compression to significantly improve throughputs of bonded lines even further.

4g bonding software

Compression is a feature that causes all the traffic sent and received to be compressed where possible. Some types of traffic, such as text-based files and web pages are generally highly compressible while others such as JPEG images are not.

Since different data types and files are compressible by different amounts, the throughput improvements from compression can vary. With bonded ADSL services, businesses have enhanced protection from losing Internet connectivity, which is business-critical for many organisations. There is no loss of connectivity.

For many businesses, the costs associated with a complete loss of Internet connectivity are likely to be dramatically higher than the costs of a bonded ADSL solution. While Sharedband does not specify which ISPs are used with its service, it recommends a diversity of broadband suppliers to maximise the resilience of its service.

This could be caused by a single user or single service, for example, a desktop user uploading a large file or an automated online backup service. Furthermore, downlink-dominated services such as Web browsing can be severely impacted by uplink-dominated services e. So, a single file upload could dramatically slow down web browsing for all other users. This is because, while browsing is downlink dominated, acknowledgement requests have to be sent on the uplink. When these uplink messages are queued due to the file uploading, Web browsing speeds are substantially reduced.

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As shown in the table below, different applications require different amounts of bandwidth and have different sensitivities to delay latency and jitter. The relative use and importance for each application will inevitable differ from organisation to organisation.You may not realize it, but you probably use multiple internet connections every day: your home network, your phone, and even hotspots and other devices.

The downside: you can usually only use one at a time. Imagine if you could combine them all into one huge pipe that delivers faster downloads, smooth streaming, and crisp video calls.

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In most cases, one persistent connection to the internet is enough. In a perfect world, you could do all of those things without any of them slowing to a crawl. In other cases, stability is the thing you need, not necessarily speed. This is where Speedify comes in. Speedify is a combination software load balancer and VPN from Connectifya name you may remember. When we last looked at Connectify, we tested out Connectify Dispatch, the app that would eventually become Speedify.

Speedify does almost everything that Dispatch didbut it also includes a built-in VPN. It also offers seamless failover, so if that flaky hotel Wi-Fi drops out, you can keep browsing on 4G without skipping a beat. Getting started with Speedify is pretty easy. In our tests, Speedify worked quite well. We fired up the utility, started downloading some pretty big game patches the kind that would normally make trying to watch Netflix a pain and then started streaming a movie.

4g bonding software

By default, Speedify tries to be fairly zero-configuration. That means in most cases, you can just open the app, connect, and not have to worry about anything else. However, there are some other useful features under the hood you may want to try out in different situations.

Speedify makes sure that if any of your connections drop, the others pick up the slack.

Solved: Looking for VPN Bonding Solutions for Internet Connections

However, you can also prioritize each connection yourself, instead of treating them all as dumb pipes. That means if one drops out, even for a second or two, any information lost is captured by the other. The end result? Lower latency and more uptime, even if all of your available networks are a little flaky. While Speedify automatically chooses a server closest to you when you log in, you can change it at any time.

This is especially useful if you want to get around location blocks on streaming content. Of course, we have a whole guide to streaming blocked content overseasand many of those options are more affordable than Speedify.

Episode Four: Everything You Need to Know about Cellular Bonding

Consider this a bit of a bonus feature. For example, if you wanted additional security, you could run your own VPN client while connected to Speedify and further encrypt your traffic. Still, it is a bit redundant to bond two or three internet connections and then only use one of them for everything because you fired up a VPN. Title image by James Daniels Shutterstock. Additional photos by tlsmith The A.

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4g bonding software

Share This Story.LiveU solutions address all demands for full HD or SD quality, resiliency, availability, mobility and sub-second latency in a highly innovative live video uplink solution. By combining the LiveU antenna and bonding algorithms, LiveU is the only solution that can transmit consistent video with sub-second end-to-end delay. When a two-way live interview is not required, LiveU gives users the option to Store and Forward, or to transmit at a 60 second delay for feeding footage.

This provides extremely high and consistent quality even in the most difficult conditions. All LiveU products are 5G ready, designed to work effectively with 5G networks.

Terms of Use. Privacy Policy. The LiveU Advantage. Real Interviews with Low Delay By combining the LiveU antenna and bonding algorithms, LiveU is the only solution that can transmit consistent video with sub-second end-to-end delay.

Continuous Transmission When a two-way live interview is not required, LiveU gives users the option to Store and Forward, or to transmit at a 60 second delay for feeding footage.