Stella and severide fanfiction

While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Kelly isn't ready to lose another person in his life, especially not Evan. So after nearly a month of radio silence after the scariest voicemail he's ever gotten, he books a flight to LA, not willing to lose the most important person in his life.

What would of happened in the Vanishing Point before Oliver showed up. Will they finally get out or will they be stuck there for good. Matt Casey has lost everythingall he wants is to survive high school and forget everything about his miserable life. Matt follows his gaze, Sylvie is spinning wildly around, her hair a golden cloud around her head. Sequel to "What Was and What Should Be", so this picks up pretty much right after that, you might want to start there.

If they got together because two negatives make a positive, it only makes sense, she thinks, that together they can just keep making negatives into positives. Even if making an electron into a proton totally violates scientific laws. It works for them. Sometimes, they just have to take things nuclear to do it. Or something like that.

Which is probably why Matt failed Chemistry in high school. He makes impossible things seem possible. At least to her. But what happens when a certain green eyed detective spikes her interest? Will she be able to resist?

stella and severide fanfiction

Will she be fired for following her heart? I own my original characters. All rights for the Chicago PD, Med and Fire characters go to their respective owners, they are not mine. Any images used are also not mine and their rights go to their respective owners.

Stella e Kelly erano due persone che si buttavano in un incendio senza pensarci due volte, ma quando dovevano mettere in gioco il loro cuore si ritraevano. Matthew Casey is the truck lieutenant at Firehouse It is unheard of to have an omega in such an important position, but Casey's made it loud and clear that he wasnt just a needy, helpless little omega.

He is a great firefighter and a great leader and he earned everybody's respect through hard work and good decision making. Everything's going great in his life right nowHe seemingly found it when he matched to be a bone marrow donor for Anna, a woman dying of cancer. Could this be a future girlfriend for Kelly? It starting feeling that way when the flirting and future plans.

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Turns out the bone marrow transplant did not happen. The chemo Anna received did more damage than anticipated and her immune system took a beating.

Then, Kelly headed to the bar to drink off his sorrows rather than go to work. A little girl in the minivan was killed on her birthday as a result of the injuries she suffered in the crash.

Erin and Voight found Kelly at his apartment with gash on his forehead. Initially, Kelly is the only suspect in the crash, but as the Intelligence Unit investigates, Kelly is looking less and less like the person who was behind the wheel.

The Intelligence Unit discovered a carjacking ring that started with the valet at the restaurant where Kelly was drinking.

OneChicago pic. One of the carjackers admitted to hitting Kelly in the head and stealing his car.

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He and his accomplice sped away and crashed into the minivan. Thankfully, Kelly got released from jail because we were all so worried that he would become a convict … OK, not really. Maybe this is finally the wake-up call that Kelly needs.

But all Kelly has to do is look around and see the people that care for him. He named Stella his emergency contact, and she took the role very seriously.

Erin had his back the entire time, even when it seemed Jay was a bit jealous. The crossover was solid, but it was obvious from the beginning that Kelly was not the perpetrator. It was just a matter of getting to the part of the story where the fingers would point at someone else. I appreciate the writers not dragging out the storyline for the sake of a cheap thrill.

Dawsey will always be there to support each other! The Louie storyline on Chicago Fire hits pretty hard for parents. The idea that Gabby and Casey could lose this boy is tough. Of course, nothing quite works out.

Andre seemed so adamant about meeting Louie and stalked their family that it seems a little unbelievable that he would just bail out on the meeting.

Monica Raymund has portrayed all of those emotions in this role. She has been the mom who will do anything to protect her kid, but also compassionate to the biological father. I am not sure what I want for the family. I mean, he was always surly, but his attitude toward Burgess was nasty. Make out sessions, however, are OK. More from NBC. Load Comments. View all TV Sites.The newest candidate on truck 81 looked at Herrmann with pure suspicion in his eyes but he obeyed and took a seat on the free chair nevertheless.

The rest of the guys snickered behind them. Keep reading.

let's hurt tonight: stella & severide {+Matt}

Kelly takes up a job restoring a boat, when he arrives, he meets with the boy of the father who seems very interested in learning new skills. Characters — Kelly x Reader Warnings — Bad relationship between father and son, swear words, fire. Word Count — When he opened the door your eyes landed on the boat, he dropped your hand as you walked over to it. You ran you hand along it. My father always took me fishing and I picked up some stuff.

They both quickly came into the kitchen and took their seats at the table, that was already set out and the food served. You all feel into silence as you stated eating the food, the occasional noise was heard when you were placing the cutlery down to take a drink.

stella and severide fanfiction

Digging the handle into the ground, so they were up right. Keeps me distracted from my work. He nodded and smiled. Waking up you smelt smoke, you quickly sat up in the bed and placed your slippers on, as you made your way over to the door. You crossed the room and woke him up, he looked at you groggily, before he started coughing.

As you steeped outside you felt the burning coming from the fire and you turned, noticing the flames coming from the garage.

You quickly made your way down the stairs and walked onto the driveway, just as the fire truck pulled in. When it stopped the doors opened and Kelly made his way over. You then reached up and made Kelly look at you. Two females walked over, and you noticed their uniforms and so did Tyler.

He nods as you stan up, leaving the blanket behind. You make your way between the firefighters until you are standing between John and Kelly, your back to Kelly. Bringing your knee up, he groaned as he clutched his groin, you heard everyone else gasp and moan, imaging the pain he was feeling.

Chicago Fire’s Severide and Stella About to Endure ‘Pivotal Moments’ in Their Relationship

As you stepped forward, he walked backwards everyone moving out the way, watching you. He quickly came over before wrapping his arm around your side, you placed your hand on his back. I have a dozen witnesses that will state how unsteady you are.

As you looked at him, your stare never broke or faltered, he blinked before backing down.Log in Sign up. Chicago Fire matt casey sylvie brett Kelly Severide stella kidd brettsey stellaride this was so cute and obvious. Kelly: Ten years ago today, I married my best friend Kelly: Stella's still really mad about it but me and Casey were drunk and thought it was funny. Chicago Fire matt casey sylvie brett brettsey stella kidd Kelly Severide stellaride i mean they act the same way do they know they are not a couple yet haha.

Sylvie: I've come up with a three-step plan to get Stella to marry you. Severide: Ok, I'm listening. Sylvie: Step one: Get her to play truth or dare. Severide: Oh god, stop.

Sylvie: Step two: Wait until she picks dare. Severide: Brett, no! Sylvie: Step three: Dare her to marry you. Kidd, shouting from another room: It could work! Itecontest stellaride chicago fire kelly severide stella kidd please protect them at all costs kelly x stella one chicago miranda rae mayo taylor kinney. Severide: I need to get something off my chest. Kidd: Is it your shirt?

Want to see more posts tagged stella kidd?I'm hoping y'all are liking this… If you are, please review! Within seconds, majority of the firehouse were headed in the way of Stella's scream. Instinctively, Stella shielded Sylvie as best she could, knowing that the blonde would probably be horrified if they had seen her like that, especially the men.

Severide is Investigated in a Hit-and-Run Accident in a ‘Chicago Fire’ + ‘P.D.’ Crossover

Severide arrived first, followed quickly by Casey, Shay, Boden and Hermann with the others close behind. All stopped instantly in their tracks, not really sure what to think. Shay was the first to act, switching into paramedic mode and kneeling down beside Sylvie with Stella on the blonde's other side. She looked up at Severide who got the message and ran back into the firehouse.

Stella Kidd

Get out here! A few seconds passed before the other two paramedics came rushing out.

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Chilli froze instantly at the sight of her partner whilst Gabby jumped right into action. Part of her wanted to throw up, another part wanted to hit herself for not checking on the blonde's wellbeing more the night before, another part wanted to physically rip apart the person who had hurt her friend, and finally and thankfully, the final part flung her into paramedic mode. Gabby moved to kneel besides Stella, doing a once over of the blonde.

Shay was doing the same and it was obvious, not only to the medics but also to everyone else, that Sylvie Brett was definitely not in a good shape. Sylvie's face was black, blue, bloodied and swollen. It was pretty clear that at least her jaw was broken and probably her eye-socket and nose too. She had a massive gaping gash along her forehead and her blonde hair was practically dyed red with blood. Her lip was split open and both paramedics knew that she would be needing stitches, both there and on her head.

There was strong bruising around her neck and they could almost hear Stella choke back a gag when she realized that they were hand marks. Her left collarbone was swollen and possibly broken, as were majority of her ribs. Gabby was certain that her left shoulder was dislocated and pretty sure that her right arm had a fracture.

There was an unbelievable amount of bruising over her stomach and arms, and from what they could tell, her wrists hand been bound. Both Shay and Gabby stopped when they reached the lower part of her body, exchanging a glance before Shay spoke to the group watching on.They watched the ambo pull away and you could almost hear everyone let out a long sigh of relief.

Severide felt Stella nudge him with her elbow and he nudged her right back. Her eyes widened just a bit in shock. He looked down at her hand, watched it lower until it touched his chest. She shrugged. Big rush. It was. Severide grabbed her shoulder and gave it a squeeze. Let's get back inside. Otis clapped Kelly on the shoulder and they walked back into the firehouse with Stella just a few feet behind them.

stella and severide fanfiction

When she reached the door it clicked closed before she could step inside. The click sounded like the report of a gunshot and she pressed her fingertips to her temple.

kelly severide fanfiction

The world around her did a wicked shimmy and her stomach turned inside out. She reached out for the door and it wasn't there where it was supposed to be. Story Story Writer Forum Community. TV Shows Chicago Fire. After Season 5 Episode 16 Tell Her Goodbye They watched the ambo pull away and you could almost hear everyone let out a long sigh of relief. Stella leaned away from him and winced.

Chapter 1 2. Chapter 2 3. Chapter 3 4.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Stella e Kelly erano due persone che si buttavano in un incendio senza pensarci due volte, ma quando dovevano mettere in gioco il loro cuore si ritraevano. One of things that Matthew Casey regretted about his relationship with Gabby was the fact that they had rushed through things, and sped up when they probably should've slowed down.

He's determined not to make that same mistake with Sylvie - no matter how she tempts or challenges him. Some things from Stella's past that she hoped she would never have to endure again resurface. Comment below any feedback, questions or suggestions! I will try to add new chapters every week! In which a paramedic from Firehouse 51, a detective from the Intelligence Unit, a doctor from Chicago Med, and a detective from the Manhattan Special Victims Unit have the same past that returns after five years.

Canon divergence during the finale episodes of Chicago P.

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It's been 10 years since Sylvie Brett broke Matt Casey's heart. What was supposed to be the best moment in their life ended up being the moment when she walked away. Now reconnecting after over a decade for their college friends' wedding in the City of Love, can the two find their way back to each other? Or will they only have distant memories of their relationship to cling on to?

Unconnected One Shot Series. Related one shots and scenes for 'Slow Burn' that don't fit directly into the timeline of the story. Expect some Foul language and sexual situations; we'll warn you in the chapter summary. After Dawson left, Casey was left broken. Not just because the woman he thought he would be with forever left him but because he felt alone.